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Happy Hua Guofeng Day 2008: The first in the P.H. (post-Hua) Era

As many, if not both my readers know, each October we commemorate Hua Guofeng Day, the anniversary of Hua Guofeng’s elevation as Mao’s chosen successor, the Wise Leader of the Chinese people.  HGFD 2008, of course, is tinged with autumnal sadness, poetically apropos for the time of year, as it is the first Hua Guofeng day since the former Chairman left us to meet Marx this past August.

Thus, we mourn a passing and celebrate a life: Hua Guofeng, 1921-2008.

Next week: Why Boston’s Dom Dimaggio was every bit the player as brother Joe.

5 Comments on Happy Hua Guofeng Day 2008: The first in the P.H. (post-Hua) Era

  1. Thanks for the reminder. I also have a soft spot for Hua, but hey, I’m a Cubs fan. Maybe you’re saying that “mediocrity” is preferable to the romantic heroism of the guy who chose Hua.

    In Latin, “mediocritas” was a virtue, as in Aurea Mediocritas, or The Golden Mean. Don’t know if I would go so far as to call Hua “golden,” though.

  2. You aren’t being sarcastic, are you? If you are, please go to this faithful article and learn from the real devout fans.

  3. Justrecently,

    I actually had a conversation about this with a colleague just today in light of some interesting correspondence I received. (More on this later.)

    Maybe three years ago I was being slightly sarcastic, but not just against Hua. I was being sarcastic about the way that history education, both in the USA and PRC, seems to so readily skip over Hua. I felt bad for the guy.

    But as my essay in August “Why Hua Guofeng Matters…no, seriously” suggests, I have actually come to believe that Hua’s contributions have been slighted, to a degree, and it’s time we call attention to that. (More on this later as well.)

    So…in answer to your question…yes, Hua is a fun topic, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a serious side to the sarcasm and I, in all sincerity, applaud your efforts to keep Hua’s memory alive and I thank you for the link.

    Happy Hua Guofeng day!

  4. Glad to hear this, and I’m looking forward to more info about the correspondence.
    He Hua zhuxi xin lian xin, tinged with autumnal sadness.

  5. Having passed through US history education courses myself, I never knew the Chairman until I met you. Ever since I’ve been on the lookout for Chairman Hua.

    Today I was in a cafe near Jiangtai Lu and saw one that was rather odd to me. It was a close up of the usual Russian-built Man with a fist up, only he was a Mongol. I think. With a scarf in his fist, angrily/resolutely charging for the Chairman with droves of kinsmen and kinswomen in the background following his lead.

    And the call to arms? “哈达献给敬爱的华主席.” Did the other Chairmans ever have minority-targeted propaganda as lame as this?

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