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花崗齋之愚公 (About me)

Jeremiah Jenne is a writer and historian based in Beijing since 2002. He taught Chinese history and philosophy for nearly 10 years. He has written extensively on China for a number of publications including The Economist, The Atlantic Monthly, Journal of Asian Studies, Asia Society, Los Angeles Review of Books, and The World of Chinese. His work can be found in the anthologies China in 2008: A Year of Great Significance, The Insider’s Guide to Beijing, and the 2015 collection While We’re Here: China Stories from a Writer’s Colony. He has been a frequent guest on the public affairs podcast Sinica and is often asked to speak on Chinese culture and history to company and school groups. Jeremiah also maintains the popular Chinese history  website Jottings from the Granite Studio and produces the new Chinese history and culture podcast Barbarians at the Gate.