New and Recommended: The Night Watch by Beijing Postcards

Beijing there's maybe proud of their history, but with all the changes in the city over the last few years it's hard to imagine historical Beijing. Even at night, in the middle of the city's hutong the creep of modernity, in the form of vintage boutiques, jazz bars, and cafés offering ill-defined menus of western food and coffee, pushes back of the edges of our imagination of what it might have been like to stand in the same spot 130 years ago. One outfit in Beijing is trying to change this.  Beijing Postcards is a local company founded by two historians from Denmark, who collect visual interpretations of China including old photographs, prints, maps, and, yes postcards, to try and re-create the Beijing of yesterday. They also do tours, including the highly anticipated event The Night Watch, done in cooperation with Bespoke Beijing, begins this week, :
Picture the scene… The sun is setting over the dusty hutongs surrounding the Drum and Bell … Continue Reading ››

A Qing historian reads the newspaper…