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Chinese Academy of Social Sciences throwing shade at The New Qing History

The idea of Manchu Sinicization is a hobgoblin unlikely to die anytime soon in China. Historians affiliated with what has become known as the “New Qing History” have been attempting to complicate this narrative for nearly three decades, and while scholars overseas — and even a few within China — are starting to come around, the dominant narrative inside China remains that the … [Read More...]


Images for Iconoclasts: Images of Confucius in the Cultural Revolution

Confucian Confusion

Last week, China named Cuban strongman Fidel Castro the latest recipient of the Confucius Peace Prize, the country’s answer to the Nobel Prize in the same … [Read More...]

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Beware of Dog!

"When I awoke the Dire Wolf/Six hundred pounds of sin Was grinnin' at my window/All I said was "come on in" Don't murder me/I beg of you don't murder me Please … [Read More...]

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Censoring History

Excellent article on the China File blog by uber-historian Joseph Esherick on the somewhat awkward process preparing his most recent book for Chinese publication.  Published in 2011, Ancestral Leaves: A Family Journey Through Chinese History is a personal work … [Read More...]


And All My Words Come Back to Me…

by Scott D. Seligman As police move to take control of Queensway and city workers with power tools are dismantling the barricades, it's worth remembering that the PRC government was not always so threatened by unrest in Hong Kong. When it was Britain’s ox … [Read More...]