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Zhu Changluo (1582-1620)

The short reign of Zhu Changluo

On August 28, 1620, Zhu Changluo took power as the Taichang Emperor. Less than a month later, he was dead, apparently having pooped himself to death.


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Forbidden City to close from August 22-September 3

Just heard from a reliable source that the Forbidden City will be closed from August 22-September 3. I checked online, and while there isn’t a notice posted, the Forbidden City website has suspended online reservations for those dates. The closure comes as the … [Read More...]


Kind of Online in the PRC: The New Normal?

This year, I bought a MacBook Air. I love it, which is good because I'm pretty sure I paid more for my new computer than I did for my first car. The problem is that buying a fancy new computin' device and then hooking it up to the Chinese Internet is like … [Read More...]

Images for Iconoclasts: Images of Confucius in the Cultural Revolution

Confucian Confusion

Last week, China named Cuban strongman Fidel Castro the latest recipient of the Confucius Peace Prize, the country’s answer to the Nobel Prize in the same category. The award was created hastily in 2010 when dissident and democracy activist Liu Xiaobo … [Read More...]