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Highlights from the CCTV Spring Festival Gala

Last night, in between mass consumption of jiaozi and the occasional trip outside to blow shit up, we gathered around the television for the annual CCTV New Year's Gala. I'm a cornball at heart and I actually get a kick out of the program, so in the spirit of Chunjie, I thought I'd pass along eight random thoughts on the 2008 broadcast. 1. Good list of international stars--Zhang Ziyi and Jay Chou did musical numbers, though Jay's was a helluva lot more musical than Zhang Ziyi's. I mean, I know she's famous and all but seriously. I turned to YJ and asked, "What's next? Yao Ming break dancing?" On an unrelated note, who wins in this deal: Is Song Zuying lucky she bagged Jiang Zemin and so gets invited to every gala from now until the Great Wall falls down or is old panda eyes the one who should be thanking Marx that Song gives him the time of day? Not … Continue Reading ››