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“The “VPNs are going to be blocked in China” story seems to get written at least once a year. Eventually, it might actually come true. In a story first reported by Bloomberg (citing anonymous government sources) but since corroborated by South China Morning Post, China’s major state-owned telecom companies have been ordered to block access to VPNs beginning February 1, 2018,” Radii China

July 23, 2017

Nuclear options are nuclear for a reason: they come with significant costs. These are the potential costs for the Chinese government if they follow through on threats to block VPN services in China. [Read More...]

“Forever Repeating the Past,” Here! Dongguan

April 20, 2017

The year was 1882. Populist politicians appealed to the lowest common denominator by spreading rumors, which in turn excited the xenophobia and racism. Leaders promised sweeping immigration bans that the politicians claimed were necessary to protect American “civilization and values.” [Read More...]
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