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“New Fronts in the Battle Over Scholarship and Ideology in China,” Radii China

September 1, 2017

Earlier this month, the Cambridge University Press (CUP), publisher of the China Quarterly, one of the most important journals for scholarship on Modern China, announced that it was removing 300 articles from its Chinese website following a request from the Press’s partners in China. Angry academics rarely make the news, but this particular tempest quickly exploded the tea cup, and even though CUP backtracked a week later, the damage had been done. [Read More...]

“Out of Autocracy, Off the Shelves”

January 7, 2016

It is an unfortunate axiom of publishing in China that the best way for your book to gain international attention is to have the Chinese government make it unavailable to domestic readers. Such is the fate of Out of Imperial Autocracy (Zouchu dizhi), the latest book by the eminent public intellectual and economic historian Qin Hui, published earlier this year. [Read More...]

Kind of Online in the PRC: The New Normal?

February 3, 2015

For anybody who still thinks China is a great business environment or that China has a bright future as a research hub, intellectual incubator, or simply a good place for their next office or factory, I would strongly suggest spending 30 minutes trying to do a few routine tasks that involve using the Internet. [Read More...]

The Cuckolded Communist Party

June 9, 2011

Would Hu Jintao ever consider allowing his daughter and/or wife to film an Internet group sex video with Charlie Sheen, “Snooki” from Jersey Shore, and half a dozen or so rabid chimps if it meant a guaranteed six months of ‘harmony and stability’? Maybe, maybe not. [Read More...]